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How to start the cultural change based on gratitude

One of the principles of management 3.0 is managing the system instead of managing people. People need to be part of the system and responsible for the management too. The managers have to learn that management is a collaborative task, so they need to learn to delegate and generate a proper context for collaboration, self-management, and transparency. The creation of that context is linked to other principles of management 3.0 “To commit to people and their interactions”.

  • The statement of “no”
  • The statement of “ignorance”
  • The statement of “gratitude”
  • The statement of “forgiveness”
  • The statement of “love”
  • Kudo Box: You can leave a box someplace in the company (before COVID), then create a celebration day to empty the box and allow the workers to watch their Kudo Cards. You can do it, once a week, once a month, after the sprint, after deploying a release in a production environment, the possibilities are many.
  • Kudo Wall: You can create a physical (before COVID) or digital wall and allow people to put their Kudo Cards on the wall. In this case, usually, the cards are placed on the wall at any time, and workers can read them at any time too. So, there is freedom when you post a Kudo on the Kudo Wall, you can place the cards on the Kudo Wall when you consider that is the moment to appreciate a partner for one action, one collaboration, one message, or one conversation that had an impact on your life.
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